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Ford Computing Services

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Ford Computing Services

Fulton County, New York, U.S.A.

Since March 1993

The client should always come first!

FCS Policies, Standards, & Best Practices

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It is the intent of FCS to follow the standards, policies, and best practices established by the information industries and communities as well as those listed below. Communities shall include government and organizational groups as determined appropriate by FCS. In cases where the policies below may conflict, FCS will review the conflict and this document will be updated to reflect its decision as soon as is feasible. The term "feasible" shall include a reasonable amount of time after FCS has been notified of the conflict to allow for approvals and technical updates. Questions and/or possible violations can be forwarded to FCS at Ford Computing Services (FCS) seeks to establish confidence in its clients that high standards are being met and maintained.

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Statement of Respect

"FCS recognizes the dignity and worth of all individuals." - C. Ford

It seems a simple request. Respect others at all times. However, humans are a very large and diversified group ... and mistakes happen. FCS does not intentionally condone or promote any behavior which is inconsistent with the statement above. FCS believes that it is unacceptable to intentionally demean anyone’s physical, ethnic, gender, personal, racial, religious, or identity based characteristics. As individuals, we must take responsibility for our words and deeds. If by chance a misunderstanding or conflict occurs, it is hoped that all parties will work to clarify their viewpoint and resolve the conflict amicably.

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Website Accessibility and Usability

By FCS policy, production websites produced by FCS must meet Federal Section 508 Accessibility standards as well as NYS NYS-P08-005 Accessibility standards, except where they might diverge from FCS usability policies (which does not happen often).

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Disclosure of Information Collected

The collection of user information collected through this website and the disclosure of that information is subject to the FCS Privacy Policy.

The collection of client information collected during the course of business and the disclosure of that information is subject to the FCS Privacy Policy.

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The following disclaimers are currently in effect. Exclusion from this list does not invalidate a disclaimer.

  • The information provided in the Privacy Policy should not be construed as giving business, legal, or other advice, or warranting as fail proof, the security of information provided through this website.
  • Right to Decline Service located in the Service Catalog.
  • Definition of Discovery located in the Service Catalog.
  • Disclaimers and Copyright section of About FCS.

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Contact Information

For questions regarding applicable standards, please contact:

(via e-mail)

(via regular mail)
Ford Computing Services
PO Box 248
Mayfield, NY 12117

(via phone)
Tel: +1 (518) 852 - 6433

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Document History

  • Updated November 20, 2016 for content and link validation.
  • Updated March 11, 2016 for transition to new site format and policy changes.
  • Modified May 1, 2010 for electronic release to production.
  • Created May 1, 2008.

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